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What does it cost?

Students at the Park

Mentoring Sessions


At Alicata Marketing Mentor, we offer 30 to 45 minute mentoring sessions.  You can participate in one or one hundred sessions, it is entirely your choice.  After each session, you decide what the session was worth to you.  Following the session, we will send you a payment link where you can nominate the amount you would like to pay.

If you feel you got nothing out of a session, you do not have to pay a thing.  If you feel you got something out of that session, then you can pay what you think the service was worth (receipts will be provided after payment is received).

Of course, if you participate in three sessions and feel you have received no value then we will mutually agree that we cannot help you.  However, we are pretty confident that will not be the case. 

So what are you waiting for? 

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