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About Us


“To inspire marketing professionals to achieve excellence, fostering ethical practices, creativity, and innovation. "


Alicata Marketing Mentor offers practical online marketing courses and mentoring services with a clear mission to cultivate exceptional marketers. Whether your aim is to empower non-marketers to become marketing champions or elevate marketing managers to leadership roles, our goal is to nurture growth in your marketing team.

Marketing transcends mere advertising and sales; it revolves around creative problem-solving for customers. Whether you're a marketer at a nonprofit striving to secure donations or part of a multinational corporation seeking to boost monthly sales, marketing remains pivotal. Our comprehensive range of online marketing courses and mentoring services is beneficial to both small business owners lacking marketing experience and large enterprises equipped with dedicated marketing departments.

Our expanding array of marketing courses and online mentoring services equips you and your team with:

  • Pragmatic marketing strategies and tactics

  • Specialized marketing skills and expertise

  • Frameworks for structured marketing efforts

  • Digital marketing strategies

  • Insight into the concept of value

  • Proficiency in market identification and understanding

  • Knowledge of how customer behavior influences purchase decisions

  • Competence in online marketing and communication strategies


Whatever your unique marketing development and educational requirements may be, we can craft a tailored solution for you.  Elevate your marketing endeavors with the guidance of our educational and mentoring services, and watch your marketing prowess soar.


Meet Andrew Licata

Marketing Academic / Practitioner

Andrew is an accomplished marketing professional with over 25 years’ experience and currently works as a marketing lecturer with the Australian Institute of Business (AIB).  He has approximately 20 years of experience teaching in Australian and International higher education institutions and has delivered various face-to-face and online business courses in postgraduate and undergraduate levels.  His areas of expertise  include marketing management, consumer behaviour, services marketing, digital marketing, and integrated marketing communications.

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