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Marketing Accountability

The Bi-monthly Accountability Marketing (BAM) group sessions are for marketers and business owners who want someone to keep them accountable for their marketing tasks. Many marketers struggle because they don't have someone to check in with them - to help hold them accountable. Participating in an Alicata Marketing Mentor BAM group is like having a right-hand supporter group that stand by your side through your ups and downs.

What Is Accountability?


The thing that sets apart marketers who get stuff done from those who float along is accountability. Making sure you do what you say you are going to do can sometimes be difficult because many other things will get in the way.

Marketing accountability is a core practice for us.  The Alicata Marketing Mentor BAM group gives you a team of people to answer to.  It's having people in your corner who keep you focused and encourage you to reach your goals. 

This is typically suited to any individual who is responsible for creating an involvement chain between the customer and the product or service that is being offered (marketers, small business owners, entrepreneurs).    Gaining insights and guidance from other marketing practitioners and business owners is guaranteed to help you improve your marketing skills and your business marketing performance. 


The group is facilitated by Andrew Licata and is guaranteed to improve your marketing performance and productivity. The group (maximum of 10 people) meets twice a month Eg:(via Zoom) to discuss a current marketing topic.  Members of the group will then discuss their marketing priorities for the period.

Join us. Your first BAM session is FREE.


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